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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Handwriting tracing is one of the programs we offer at our center.
Jumpstart Preschool Program​

At Kids Play, one of our most known programs is our preschool program for ages 2 - 4. This program is dedicated to teach children how to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and objects. The most dominant aspect is that children will learn how to write the letters of the alphabet  even as early as 2 years old!* This is a daily activity for all the children, a period of one hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. We use our own worksheets, which you can also check them out on our website as well anytime. The children will be well-prepared at the start of Kindergarten. We have received praise from happy parents stating that their child was doing so well and already knew everything they ended up being top of their class.

*Ayla, 2 and a half year old already tracing letters!

Circle Time Learning

We have fun, learning time during the day with all the children. This involves learning something new and giving a chance for all the children to chime in such as the alphabet, recognizing shapes with their words or just reading a new story and discussing about it. We make it fun so that they enjoy learning and really do learn in the process!

More Activities

Yay fun time!
There are much more in store at Kids Play! View other activities that is not limited to age group, click on the following links to their respective pages. These include arts and crafts, project, outdoor activities and field trips and more!
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Puzzle time!

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Stocked with educational and learning development toys along with interactive media.


Engaging Activities to encourage learning. Tracing, Drawing, Reading and activities from projects that are season related to our outdoor play area for developing skills!

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